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About Us


About Us

In love with our country, we are a group of qualified tourist guides who have decided to join their individual
positive energy to create in March 2019 the Ars Longa Association. Our goal is to lead people to the
discovery of the endless beauty of our territory: live with us our history and spirituality that make all places
in Tuscany absolutely unique, let our art and architecture, pride and glory of our region, move your heart
and soul.

What are we doing?


We organize guided tours that are at the same time cultural events. We discover with
you the most beautiful places of the Tuscan countryside, we tell you stories and secrets, we unveil art
hidden in every stone and in every painting or sculpture. Actors and musicians complete our explanations,
recreating with their words and notes the atmosphere of our ancient culture.
We organize concerts in prestigious locations where artistic beauty and music are joint in perfect harmony,
as we are convinced that art and music have been the same expression of our spirit during the centuries.
We organize exhibits, lectures, lessons, we promote researches and documentation: our goal is to study
and preserve the incredible artistic patrimony of Tuscany.

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